Life in The Vineyard

Life in the Vineyard

“Every branch that bears fruit, He prunes so that it may bring forth more fruit.” John15:2

In the Bible, God is repeatedly portrayed as the Owner of a vineyard – this earth in which God has placed us. Not only are we told that God is the vinedresser, we are also told that He takes great care of His plants. For example, He prunes when necessary and He even adds fertilizer (Luke 13:8).

What is His purpose for such care? He wants every plant to bear fruit, as much as is possible for that plant, since not all will bear the same amount of fruit. But God does expect some fruit and He looks constantly for it: “These three years, I come seeking fruit….and find none…” (Luke13:7). Fruit bearing is part of God’s overall purpose in which we are to grow “unto a holy temple fit for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit” (Ephesians 2:21) and in fact, fruit is one of the trademarks of those who have a new life through faith in a risen Christ: “That we should bring forth fruit unto God.” (Romans 7:4) Fruit bearing is fundamental to the molding and fashioning which God does in the character of Christians, as we allow Him.

Jesus also stressed the importance of producing fruit: “He that abides