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Praise Him

Praise Him too!

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!” Psalm150:6

This verse is the culminating verse in the last recorded psalm. This is fitting because throughout the Book of Psalms, praise to God is the overwhelming theme. One can hardly read without grasping the writers’ admiration and adoration for God, their understanding of who and what God is, and their resulting gratitude and love.

The psalmists praised God repeatedly for a number of things:

  • Their children (Genesis 29:30)

  • Great and awesome things (Deuteronomy 10:21)

  • His continuing mercy (2Chronicles 7:6)

  • His great righteousness (Psalm7:17)

  • His exalted strength (Ps.21:13)

  • The gifts of strength and protection(Ps.28:7

  • His help and answered prayers. Ps.34)

  • Joy (Ps.40:3)

  • Salvation (Ps.42)

  • Health and spiritual growth ( Ps.52: 8-9)

  • His Goodness (Ps .54:6)

  • His Word (Ps.56:4&10) and power (Ps. 150:1-2)

  • His love(Ps.63:3)

  • Life and the marvel of the human body (Ps.71:6 & 139:14)

  • His faithfulness (Ps.89:5)

  • His tender care (Ps.107)

  • Truth (Ps.115:1)

  • All of Creation (Ps.148)

The list is not exhausted and other writers in the Bible also emphasized PRAISE to God. Daniel praised him for wisdom, and in the New Testament God is praised for healing, salvation and deliverance. From Genesis to Revelation, God is shown to be worthy of praise. The psalmist appealed to all nations to praise God.

What do you praise God for?

Al Jones

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