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Why Did He Come?

Why Did He come?

“Who gave Himself for our sins that He might deliver us from this present evil world according to the will of God and our Father.” Galatians1:4

Someone once remarked that he became a Christian because he did not want to go to Hell. Even some churches give the impression that people should believe in Christ so that they would not be cast into hell. But what does the Bible say and, in particular, what does Jesus give as the overriding reason for His coming? “I have come that you might have life, and that you might have it more abundantly.” (John10:10). Therefore the primary reason for Christ’s coming is not to save us from hell at some point in the future, but to teach us how to live our best life here and now, in preparation for eternal life. Jesus knew the Truth when we didn’t. He brought the Light when we were lost in darkness: “For the Son of Man has come to save those who were lost” (Matt.18:11). We were separated from a holy God because of sin and darkness and Christ came to reconcile us to God: “God was in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them…” (2Cor.5:19)

This world is the battleground of good and evil forces. St. Paul writes about Jesus: “Who gave Himself for our sins that He might deliver us from this present evil world, according to the will of God.” This was always God’s plan – to send Jesus to show us how to live so that the evil of this world would not distort the real purpose of life, or take a hold of our lives and ruin us ultimately. St. Paul writing to Titus, explains further: “Christ gave Himself for us so that He might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify us for Himself, making us special people, zealous of good works.” (Titus 2:14). This is what God intended for us – to bring us as close to Him as His Son is, and to make us like His Son – “heirs and joint-heirs” so that we can share in the glory of Christ and do so eternally.

Do we see ourselves as participants in God’s plan? And do we want all that God has offered? Apart from Him there is no Light, no Truth, no Life, Forever.

Al Jones

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