You Are Near!

“You are near, O Lord, and Your Word is Truth….” Psalm119:151

As the psalmist continues his meditation on God’s Word, his exultation grows, and he discovers more and more of the “wondrous things” he referred to much earlier. As he discovers more, his faith increases, his love grows and his trust in God deepens.

Over and over again, he expresses how the Word becomes more and more meaningful to him. It is the light of his life without which he cannot live victoriously: “Direct my steps in Thy Word, and let not any evil have dominion over me.” His life depends on learning about God through His Word. This is why he is so committed to studying it, even in the night hours.

Through his study of the Word, the psalmist learns a number of things about God:

  • He is near to him.

  • He is righteous.

  • His Word is Truth.

  • He helps, and gives understanding to the lowly.

  • God and His Word are eternal.

  • God is a deliverer.

  • God teaches us.

  • God is faithful.

  • God is a loving and merciful Savior.