My Comfort

“Hope…. Is my comfort in my affliction; for Thy Word has given me life.” Psalm 119:50

Today we continue our meditation on this psalm about the Word of God which is rich with “wondrous things” (Verse 18). As we continue reading we notice that the psalmist expresses more and more joy. The source of his comfort is that he remembers the Word and lives by it; it is part of his life. So blessed is he through the Word that he has become concerned about those who have forsaken God’s Word. He wants to share it. What else can we learn from this psalm?

  • God has given him a song in his heart.

  • Even in the night he remembers God’s Word.

  • He trusts God fully, and he lacks nothing.

  • He receives mercy from God.

  • He is enthusiastic about following God’s Word.

  • He practices gratitude, even at midnight.

  • He recognizes that he is part of the family of God and relates to God’s children.

  • He acknowledges that He receives many blessings from God.

  • He prays for wisdom and knowledge so that he may grow spiritually.

  • He knows that his prayers are answered because He obeys God’s Word.

  • He credits the Word for bringing him back to light when he went astray. Now he will learn about God continually.