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How it Matters

How it Matters

“Open my eyes that I may behold wondrous things out of thy Word.” Psalm 119:18

This is a prayer that every Christian could use again and again because of the nature of God’s Word and what it can do for us. The psalmist had a strong grasp of this and we can learn much from him.

First, the psalmist knows that there are “wondrous things” to be found in the Word. For this reason, he says he “looks into” all of it; he will “meditate” on it; he will “delight in it”; he “will not forget it” and he wants to “keep it” diligently. He prays for help because he does not want to “wander from it”.

Why is the Word so important to the psalmist? Well, it is God’s Word to mankind on whom God “loadeth up many benefits”. The possibilities are infinite and they are necessary to life now and eternally:

  • Forgiveness of sins, past, present and future.

  • Strength to stay on the right path.

  • It fosters obedience to God.

  • It helps to evoke praise, gratitude, and adoration for God.

  • It gives victory over sin.

  • It gives peace and joy.

  • It defines true purpose in life.

  • It provides needed advice

These are some of the things we learn only from the first twenty-four verses. This psalm is the longest with 176 verses, so we will continue with this study for the next few weeks. In the meantime, are there any “wondrous things” that you would like to hold on to? The Word offers all these blessings to each one of us. Let us meditate on it and drink deep, drawing the benefits into our lives that we may have the “ abundant life” that Jesus offers.

Al Jones

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