Come and See

“Come and See”

These words of Jesus are found in John chapter 1, one of my favorite passages. Whenever I read it I can hardly resist smiling both at Jesus and at the disciples.

John the Baptist had just pointed out Jesus to two of his disciples. We are told that one was Andrew and it is commonly assumed that the other was John.

Andrew and John heard Jesus speak, and then walked behind Him. Of course Jesus who knows all things, knows that they are following Him and He knows the reason. He looks back at them and playfully asks: “What are you looking for?” The disciples sidestep His question and responds with another question: “Where are you staying”? Jesus doesn’t answer the question but invites them to “come and see.”

Those two disciples went with Jesus and never left Him! They saw enough to last them for a lifetime and an eternity.

I like to think that Jesus’ invitation is open to all people to “Come and see” the manifestation of God Himself, to see the Messiah who is Savior of the world. To see the omniscient, omnipotent, loving revelation of God reaching out to everyone to offer