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A Unique Letter

“…..It is plain to see that you are a letter written by Christ, produced through our ministry; written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the Living God; written not on tablets of stone but on tablets which are living, beating, human hearts.”

2 Corinthians: 3:3

Plato once said that a good teacher does not write his message in ink that will fade away, he writes it on the hearts of people. That is exactly what Christ, the perfect Teacher, has done to all people who come to Him in faith – we are the letters of Christ written through the Holy Spirit.

What an awesome blessing! What an honor to be so loved and cherished! But we must remember that this brings with it a grave responsibility. If we are the letters of Christ, then whatever people read from our lives should reflect the kind of character that Jesus is. We should never misrepresent Him. As Christians, we are open letters for Christ, or in other words, we are advertisements for Christ, for Christianity.

One missionary discovered from talking to unbelievers that “ the greatest handicap in the church is the unsatisfactory lives of professing Christians.”

Is it clear to others that you are a letter written by Christ? Let us not dishonor Him, and let us never forget this God-given responsibility of being open letters, of being advertisements, for Christ and His Church.

Al Jones

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