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Finding Truth

Finding Truth

“…..Strengthen me according to thy Word.” Psalm 119:28

Last week I highlighted some of the “wondrous things” which the psalmist discovered in God’s Word. He was so happy with his discovery that he made a decision: “I will delight myself in Thy commandments which I have loved.” The Psalmist also realized that in order to respond appropriately to God’s Word he would need God’s help. So in the next twenty-four verses, he asks God for:

  • Strength so that He would hold on to the Word.

  • Further teaching from the Word.

  • Greater understanding so that he would observe the commandments.

  • Love of truth and honesty as he graciously follows God’s Word.

  • Loyalty to God.

  • Maturity so that he could grow in understanding and faithful practice of the Word.

  • A change from vanity, covetousness, and any interest in worthless things.

  • Righteousness and salvation.

When God grants him his requests, the psalmist is determined to be a good witness, a good ambassador for God, even before kings. Perhaps this psalm, more than any other, should make us ponder on our own involvement with God’s Word. Do we have similar feelings about the Word? Do we recognize the importance of the Word and the significance it should have in our lives? Do we even know it and seek to know it better? Do we allow what we learn from it to impact our daily lives? It would be good if we prayed for and do some of the same things as the psalmist. God hears us all!

Al Jones

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