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What Shall I Do?

What Shall I Do?

“…….. Knowing that whatsoever good thing anyone does, the same shall he receive of the Lord.” Ephesians 6:8

“Not with eye-service, as people pleasers, but as the servants of God, doing the will of God from the heart.” Ephesians 6:6

“Incomprehensible anguish” is one of the many phrases that have been used to describe the human situation in the midst of the utter devastation that two massive hurricanes and a deadly earthquake wreaked on a number of countries.

It doesn’t matter how many pictures I see on television or even hear words from my brother-in-law (who lost everything), I still find it difficult to fully imagine the horrific experiences that survivors have gone through, and are still going through.

Then my thoughts turn to my own life, to our lives, as Christians and disciples of Christ. He has left us with a mission to love ALL! The Word of God tells us what that love looks like – We see it in the words of Christ when He spoke about the Good Samaritan who, physically and financially, took care of the one who was robbed and beaten almost to death. We also see it in the words of James: “If a brother or sister is naked and destitute of daily food” what are you going to say to them? Words? Or are you going to “give them …those things which are needful to the body?” In his Epistle, James is quite blunt when he writes about our responsibility to those who need our help. He warns us that our faith without works is DEAD! Faith, he argues should not “stand alone”. Our actions must follow through on our Faith.

According to Revelation, our works never go unnoticed by God: “I know your works, and Love, and service and faith…” Paul urges us to do the will of God “from the heart”, not to please anyone but God. God is displeased when we disobey His Word. Paul also tells us something else which is truly amazing! “Whatsoever good things anyone does, the same shall he receive from the Lord.” Blessings follow good works! So in these most difficult times, a good question to ask and answer is “What shall I do?”

Al Jones

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