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June 9-16, 2018

Lutherock Confirmation Camp is our summer Confirmation Camp for Middle School Students. Students who have completed the 5th, 6th, and 7th grades are welcome to be a part of this week long faith formation experience in the mountains of North Carolina! 


Camp Lutherock is a Lutheran camp located in Newland, NC just about an hour from Boone, NC. It is in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains with multiple cabins, hiking trails, ropes courses, a dining facility, lodges, and more! During the week students will witness and interact with God through community with each other, other campers and camp counselors. Their days are filled with all kinds of activities from stream walks to large hikes, rock slides to ropes courses. They will learn so much while at Lutherock, not just about God but about themselves. This is an opportunity for students to break away from their daily lives and witness God in creation and learn about how God is working in their lives every single day!

Pricing and Dates

Total Trip Cost = $500
$100 non-refundable Deposit & Registration Form Due February 1
(this reserves your spot on the trip)

Remaining $400 Due April 9
$100 late fee for any payments after April 9

Medical Forms due April 9

Last day for late payments April 30

*All payments should be made to Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church. Please do not send payments to Lutherock.
****NO STUDENT SHOULD EVER BE KEPT FROM PARTICIPATING IN ANY EVENT DUE TO FINANCIAL REASONS! If money is an issue, please speak with Shana Hales as soon as possible about scholarships and other opportunities for assistance.

Under Payment Designation please write 
Due Feb 1 to Lutherock


Scholarships are available through Lutherock. If this trip will be a financial burden on your family we ask that you first apply for a scholarship with Lutherock. The scholarship application is available on our website. This will be the best way for you to possibly receive financial assistance for this trip.




If requesting a full scholarship please speak to Shana Hales before applying to see if the church can provide some assistance as well. If your student receives a scholarship from Lutherock please inform Shana so she can make sure the amount is credited to our church group account. We have no control over scholarships awarded from Lutherock. If you need assistance with the form please contact Shana at

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