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The Angel Tree Team is working with two local elementary schools to supply gifts for 54 needy children at Christmas.  You can sign up in person at church, use Sign Up Genius, or designate funds to Angel Tree when you donate using the SOJ website.  

“Deadlines: 12/5 is the deadline for all monetary gift donations and gift cards so we have time to shop. 12/12 is the absolute deadline for all purchased gifts as we will be delivering everything to the schools on 12/13.  These dates may seem early but the schools need time to organize the gifts after the school receives them and before Winter Break.”

If you are doing the shopping,  do not wrap the gift.  If you buy toys that require batteries, please, if you can, include them. If you buy a toy, a game or a craft kit with many parts, consider purchasing a container in which to store the parts.   

We want to thank you for all that you have done and continue to do. SOJ’s members have given gifts to hundreds of families over the years. An angel orna-ment with your name on it will hang on the Angel Tree for each gift given. We want it to  be a reminder that you have been a blessing to a child this Christmas.  

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