This year, SOJ is partnering with the Samaritan Resource Center (SRC).   We are hoping to donate Thanksgiving Care Packages for those who are homeless this season.  We are setting up this event to give you a chance to participate however you would like. 


We are targeting to complete our collections by Nov 20th,  so that we can deliver them the week before Thanksgiving to SRC where they will hand them out to their clients.


We have checked in with SRC and have determined what might provide the most help.  

  • A pair of wool socks or thermal (men's size) - Amazon Link

  • A pair of gloves (Men's universal size) - Amazon Link

  • Box of single size bandaids 1"x3" (20-30 count)

  • A chapstick

  • Sunscreen in cream form (4-8 oz)

  • Bug repellent in cream form (2 oz)- Amazon Link

  • A can of corn (14 oz)

  • A can of collard greens or green beans (14 oz)

  • A can of potatoes (14 oz)

  • A canned ham (16 oz)

  • 6-8 pack of peanut butter crackers

  • 6-8 pack of raisins

  • 6-8 pack pudding cups

  • A bag of M&M peanut or plain - these will not melt in the heat

  • Gently used backpacks


Here is how you can help.  Each package is expected to cost approximately $40.00 and our goal is to get to 75 Packages.  Please Plug in how you feel drawn to help:

  1. Donate gently used backpacks, teenage or adult sizes preferred and bring it to church

  2. Collect all the items in the list above, and bring it to church for a single package (stick to the list as we want all packages to be the same)

  3. Purchase some of the items on the list next time you buy your groceries and bring it to church, like a case of green beans.

  4. Donate money and designate it as THANKSGIVING SERVE EVENT Donate Here

  5. Come help us load Packages/Backpacks on Saturday, November 21st at 10 AM at SoJ


A donation box will be right outside the sanctuary starting this weekend.  To get us started, the Westlake/Nation household will start us off with 5 Thanksgiving Care Packages - so only 70 left to go!  Help us make this Thanksgiving a little more thankful for our community neighbors.